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One of the oldest and simplest recipes of taking the most out of an herb, or its root, in pure alcohol, is what was once a primary medical practice. Today, still considered beneficial for the digestive organs, bitters are used as the dominant ingredient in some alcoholic cocktails. Not necessarily bitter in taste, bitters are highly concentrated herbal tinctures that can taste either sour or bittersweet, as well as sharply bitter

Chances are that your favorite cocktail calls for a dose of bitters. Either that or you find bitter an enjoyable sip of strong booze, EC Proof's delicate collection brings you the world’s best bottles of spirituous bitters. 

Choosing a Spirituous Bitters

More than a sipping liquor and dominant cocktail ingredient, spirituous bitters are famous culinary complements. Divided into two different types, bitters are either aperitives or digestives or both! Apritives are bitters known to be drunk before the meal to enhance the appetite, and digestives are intended to complete a great meal and help in better digestion. 

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