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The EC Proof luxurious liquor store features some of the most exquisite vodka brands in the country. We did our due diligence when we were picking up the spirits on our shelves, which is why you can find some of the best-imported vodkas in Singapore right here in our store. In the following section, we will give you an overview of our vodka selection, and you can be the judge of our elite assortment. We’re sure you can find a bottle that can complement your home bar cart.

Let’s dive into that vodka brands list:

  • Tried & True Vodka from the Cognac region in France
  • Aylesbury Duck Vodka is made in Calgary, Canada, and then shipped to California where it is cut with soft Mendocino spring water
  • Boyd & Blair Vodka made in Pennsylvania, the United States
  • St. George All Purpose Vodka made in Alameda, California, the United States
  • St. George California Citrus Vodka made in Alameda, California, the United States, with the peels of Valencia, Seville, and Bergamot oranges
  • St. George Green Chile Vodka made in Alameda, California, the United States, with jalapeños that are distilled with cilantro and lime peel
  • Death's Door Vodka made in Middleton, Wisconsin, the United States
  • Babicka Wormwood Vodka made in the remote regions of the Czech Republic, in the ethereal forests and plains of Moravia
  • Black Cow Vodka, the world's first pure milk vodka, made at a Child-Hay Manor in West Dorset, England, and created by dairy farmer Jason Barber
  • Ransom's The Vodka made in Sheridan, Oregon, the United States, by Ransom Spirits, established in 1997 by Tad Sestet
  • High West 7000' Vodka made in Utah, the United States
  • High West 7000' Peach Vodka made in Utah, the United States; it’s oat-based and produced in small batches
  • Sipsmith Sipping Vodka made in London, the United Kingdom
  • Sipsmith Damson Vodka made in London, the United Kingdom; it’s Sipsmith Barley Vodka steeped with damson fruit, cherry, cinnamon, citrus, and plum

The best vodka we have in stock

Vodka is the king of cocktails. The significance of vodka is so great that the name itself comes from the Russian word for water, “Voda”. There was a time in Russia, precisely on the 9th of May, 1945, when they ran out of vodka because they were celebrating the fall of Germany in the Second World War, and it was a national crisis. Some of the best vodkas in the world, in fact, come from Russia.

However, if you want to know how much the most expensive bottle of vodka in the world is, the price tag is 3.75 million dollars for Billionaire Vodka, as the name suggests, of course. Another fun fact that the Russians got right, at least when it comes to the origin story of this spirit, is that vodka is lighter than water (950 grams v.s.1000 grams per liter.) Channing Tatum agrees since he launched his own brand called Born and Bred Vodka.

The truth about vodka is that the most important part is not in the ingredients you use to make it, but rather in the method you use. The way you distilled the spirit and also how many times you are repeating the process is what makes a good quality vodka. Even though vodkas are usually flavorless, there are some labels that love to show off the base ingredient and give you a taste.

In our selection, we must recommend the High West 7000' Peach Vodka, which is made with mountain snowmelt water filtered in deep rock aquifers and oats. The distillery came up with the oats idea when they reviewed old manuals from the 1800s, which considered oats a superior tasting libation. That’s where the delicate nutty and vanilla flavor in the vodka comes from. The High West 7000' Peach Vodka has won the gold medal in the International Review of Spirits, and 92 points for taste from the Tasting Panel Magazine.

Another great bottle is the Black Cow Vodka, mainly because it’s quite unique and the world's first pure milk vodka. It’s manufactured in West Dorset, the United Kingdom, by Jason Barber. According to the owner, it’s the only vodka in the world made entirely out of milk. As you can expect, the vodka has a very particular creamy and smooth flavor. The brand won a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2015.

The vodka price in Singapore

The regular vodka price in Singapore per bottle is somewhere around $100, depending on the brand, of course. Singapore as a country has a bit of an expensive policy when it comes to alcohol in general. For example, in bars and clubs, a glass of liquor starts at $10, and it goes as high as $50 per glass.

The main reason for the high alcohol prices in Singapore lies in the taxation law. According to Singapore customs, since the 15th of February, 2007, “the duties imposed on all alcoholic beverages have been based on the amount of alcohol they contain instead of by volume.” This means that spirits are reasonably going to be taxed more than beers. The duty rates in the country are standardized at $48 per liter of alcohol for a beer (stout, cider, and perry) and $70 per liter of alcohol for other types of liquor (wine, brandy, whisky, gin, and vodka).

Premium vodka in Singapore<

One of the best things about EC Proof is that you can order any spirit or liquor, including whisky, gin, and">agave online, and have it delivered to your door without any hassle. Our policy is customer-centric, which is why our assortment includes deluxe drinks from all over the world. In our online shop, you can acquire premium vodka in Singapore at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, our vodka brands list includes approximately 15 bottles imported from two different continents. Vodka is one of the best spirits to have in your home bar because it goes incredibly well with almost any cocktail.


What type of Vodka do we sell?

EC Proof online alcohol collection includes only the best types of vodka Singapore’s favorite brands produce. Choosing quality worldwide renowned brands we offer almost every type of vodka. Here are the different types of vodka you can choose from :

    • Neutral Grain Vodka
    • All-Purpose Vodka
    • Citrus Vodka
    • Green Chile Vodka
    • Milk Vodka
    • Peach Vodka


When do items get delivered?

Items delivery time depends on the time the order was placed. If you place your order before 2 pm your alcohol will be delivered the same day. If the order was received after 2 pm the item will be delivered the next day. Orders placed on weekends are delivered on Monday. 


Do you Deliver to all of Singapore?

YES, we do! If you were wondering where to buy vodka in Singapore that can be delivered right to your front door, you are at the right place. EC Proof convenient delivery services make sure every customer gets their favorite bottle of vodka Singapore-wide and quickly. 


Is Delivery Free?

EC Proof offers free delivery for customers that place an order in the amount of $50 or above, everywhere in Singapore. With EC Proof, you can get free delivery whenever you purchase vodka online. Singapore’s lowest delivery fee is offered to customers that purchase alcohol for less than $50. 


What time does delivery occur?

EC Proof delivery occurs from  12 pm to 8 pm every day, except Sundays. The exact delivery time for Singapore vodka purchases depends on the time the item was ordered. If you place your order before 2 pm your bottle will be delivered the same day. Orders received later than 2 pm are shipped the next day.