What is EC Proof?

EC Proof is your go to location for craft luxury spirits to stock up your home or office bar. We offer amazing experiences to teach you more about spirits and cocktail making so you can enjoy your favourite cocktails at home. 

I'm a consumer. Can I buy spirits here?

Yes, you found the right place!

I'm a buyer for a bar, hotel or restaurant. Can I buy your spirits here?

No, you should contact our sister company which deals with trade/wholesale accounts, Proof & Company Spirits at

How much is the delivery charge?

Delivery is free for all orders over $50!

How fast do you deliver?

If you order before 2pm we will do our best to deliver the same day, for those orders after 2pm expect delivery the following day. 

I don't live in Singapore. Does ship overseas?

Sadly not yet. At this time sells exclusively in Singapore. This is mostly due to the Customs duty regime we are subject to but check back as we are expanding fast.

What was The Proof Flat?

The Proof Flat was our flagship retail salon by EC Proof. The Proof Flat was a very special place where you could taste and buy our products in person. You could also attend events and workshops there. The Proof Flat was located at 43A HongKong Street in Singapore however the hotel next door bought the building and kicked us out. We are currently looking for our new shop location and will announce this year. In the meantime you can order online and we will delivery or contact us and come visit us at our headquarters in Tanjong Pagar. 

Who can l contact at EC Proof to buy spirits or to inquire about events?

Richelle South is our Commercial Director and MunnYi Chan is our Personal Spirits Advisors at EC Proof. They stand at the ready to assist. You can reach Richelle and MunnYi at +65 8228 0113, or email them at or 

Who can l contact at EC Proof for media and PR matters?

Pamela Ng, Media Relations at Accela, is your gal. You can reach her at

Who built this cool website?

The rad crew at Accela in Singapore. You can connect with them at  Please tell them EC Proof sent you!


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