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Never Never Distilling Co

Never Never Dark Series- Black Juniper Amaro

Never Never Dark Series- Black Juniper Amaro

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Made in collaboration with The Black Pearl in Melbourne, comes Never Never's latest latest edition to their Dark Series- Black Juniper Amaro.

The Black Juniper Amaro is a mix of roasted juniper, basket juniper and fresh juniper, all steeped in neutral spirit and then hand-pressed to extract maximum flavour. Heavily roasting juniper allows extraction of dark and earthy characteristics from the berry, bringing about bitter and menthol notes to the final amaro blend. Traditional alpine herbs such as gentian and wormwood also develops bitterness and length, creating layers of complexity.


On the nose: Top notes of roasted juniper, burnt sugar and toffee with hints of toasted pine. 

On the palate: Juniper forward with a hint of sweetness, extending into wooded alpine bitterness. Notes of coffee and menthol combine with black cardamom provide a rounded bitterness and full bodied mouthfeel.


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