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Here, at the EC Proof online store, we believe that rum is one of the greatest liquors ever invented. The rum story goes so far back that the community still can’t decide whether it first appeared in ancient India or China. The one thing we do know, however, is that sugarcane was fermented for liquor centuries ago. The first official rum distillation took place in 1620 in the Caribbean, the land of sugarcane. The first North American rum distillery opened its doors in 1664, almost 40 years later, in what is now Staten Island. On our shelves, you can find some of the best rum brands in the country, and most of them come from the Caribbean.

Here’s a list of all of our best rum brands you can find in the store:

  • Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum made in Venezuela, aged in small oak casks for up to 12 years
  • Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum Half-Bottle (35cl) made in Venezuela
  • Diplomatico Mantuano made in Venezuela
  • Diplomatico Barbet Rum made in Venezuela, produced in a two-column rectification system
  • Diplomatico Batch Kettle Rum made in Venezuela, aged in American white oak barrels
  • Diplomatico Ambassador Rum made in Venezuela, in 100 percent pot still “honey barrels” hand-selected by Master Distiller Tito Cordero
  • Diplomatico Single Vintage 2001 Rum made in La Miel, Venezuela, with flavors of baked bananas, almonds, and pastries
  • Diplomatico Single Vintage 2002 Rum made in La Miel, Venezuela, by Master Distiller Tito Cordero and Gilberto Briceño
  • Planteray 3 Stars White Rum made in Jamaica, Barbados, and Trinidad in the Caribbean, by Master Distiller Alexandre Gabriel of Maison Ferrand
  • Planteray Original Dark Rum made in Trinidad and Jamaica, with notes of caramel, pecan, and tropical fruit
  • Planteray Overproof Dark Rum made in Trinidad, by Master Distiller Alexandre Gabriel of Maison Ferrand
  • Planteray XO 20th Anniversary Rum made in Barbados, with a double aging process
  • Planteray Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Rum made in the Caribbean, by David Wondrich and Alexandre Gabriel
  • Planteray Grande Reserve 5 Year Rum made in Barbados, with two types of wood containers - ex-bourbon barrels and ex-cognac casks
  • Planteray St Lucia 2003 Single Island Rum made in St Lucia, by Maison Ferrand distillery
  • Planteray Panama 2004 Single Island Rum made in Panama, with a unique double aging process that begins in the Caribbean and ends in France
  • Planteray Barbados 2001 Single Island Rum made in Barbados, which is distilled and aged in Barbados, blended and finished in France
  • Planteray Guyana 2005 Single Island Rum made in Guyana, in two barrels, and on two locations
  • Planteray Jamaica 2001 Single Island Rum made in Jamaica, after a long fermentation process
  • Planteray Trinidad 2001 Single Island Rum made in Trinidad, distilled at Angostura Distillery, aged nine years and finished in France
  • Planteray "Proof & Co. Private Cask" Belize XO Rum made in Belize, with a process of triple aging finished in a Pineau Des Charentes cask
  • Planteray "Proof & Co. Private Cask" Panama 8 Year Rum made in Panama, with floral, fruity, chocolaty notes

The story of the best rum in the world

We’re proud to say that we have several options at our disposal of the best rum in the world, Diplomatico. You can check them out in the list above.

>The Diplomatico story is an enchanting one, and it begins in 1959 in the land of grace, Venezuela. That year the distillery was opened by Licorerias Unidas S.A. (LUSA), with Seagram’s International as the main shareholder, which at the time was one of the biggest liquor companies in the world. By 2002, the company was up for sale, including the distillery that produced the Diplomatico brand. Venezuelan entrepreneurs bought the company and turned it into one of the largest liquor companies in the country.

The passion and the vision of Don Juancho are the reasons that over a million people around the globe today can enjoy a glass of Diplomatico rum. The legend says that he was an artist when it came to liquor and that his personal reserves were equivalent to the ones of the Ambassador.

Today, the Diplomatico rum is exported in over 70 countries worldwide, and it is geographically protected, under the protected denomination of origin clause. Diplomatico is produced in Anejo, Reserva, Reserva Exclusiva, Blanco, Single Vintage and Ambassador. Lucky for you, we have each of those bottles in our store.

The best rum alcohol in Singapore

As we said in the beginning, we love rum, which is why we want to make it possible for our clients in Singapore to taste the best rum alcohol. Once upon a time, rum held even bigger value than money, granted it was for the sailors, but it’s impressive nonetheless. In the 18th century, they were often paid in rum. Furthermore, rum was also used as a beauty product for its ability to clean the hair and strengthen its roots.

The history of rum is vibrant and rich, just as much as the taste of the spirit itself. The most refreshing cocktail in the world, the Mojito is made with rum, and that tells you everything you need to know about this liquor. Even though gin is typically the go-to spirit for most cocktails, rum is the main ingredient in the best ones.

If you’re thinking about celebrating the 16th of August, the National Rum Day, then you should most definitely do it with a bottle of the best rum Singapore has to offer.

What type of rum do we sell?

  • EC Proof online store offers all types of rum from the best rum brands Singapore customers love. Our special selection of high-quality rums contains the following types:
    • White Rum
    • Dark Rum
    • Spiced Rum
    • Coconut Rum
    • Aged Rum
    • Vintage Rum
    • Cachaca

When do items get delivered?

  • If you buy rum online at EC Proof before 2pm on our working days (Monday to Saturday) your item will be delivered on the same day. If the order is placed after 2pm, it will be delivered the next day from 12pm to 8pm. 

Do you Deliver to all of Singapore?

  • Yes, EC Proof online store delivers alcohol everywhere in Singapore.  If you want your rum delivered to your door anywhere in Singapore, all you need to do is choose your preferred one and order it today. We deliver rum Singapore-wide in a fast and convenient manner.

Is Delivery Free?

  • EC Proof orders with a cost of $50 and orders above $50 are delivered for free. Now you know where to buy rum in Singapore with free delivery throughout the country. If you buy rum Singapore-wide in an amount below $50, EC Proof offers the lowest delivery fee.

What time does delivery occur?

  • EC Proof delivery occurs from 12pm to 8pm every day except Sunday. If you order alcohol before 2pm Monday to Saturday, it will be delivered the same day. If you order alcohol after 2pm, it will be delivered the next day, except for Saturday. Orders placed on weekends are delivered on Monday.