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Planteray Extreme No.5 Barbados 2007 Rum

Planteray Extreme No.5 Barbados 2007 Rum

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This exceptional rum was distilled in 2007 from Molasses with a Pot and Column Still, and aged for 14 years with an ABV of 58%. Only 2856 bottles of this rum exist.



Distillery: West Indies Rum Distillery

ABV: 58.0%

Raw material : Molasses

Nose : Rich, fresh and spicy with notes of nuts with honeysuckle, cinnamon, coffee and crême brulée.

Palate : Round and elegant on lemon peel, roasted coconut and almond with chocolate, tobacco, pepper. Intense on tropical fruits and vanilla with hints of anise and peach.

Finish : Long and dry with spicy and chocolate notes.

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