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What Exactly Is Aromatised Wine?

An aromatied wine is a fortified wine or mistelle that has been flavored with notes of herbs, fruits, and spices. According to the EU Law Council Regulations, an aromatised wine should have a minimum alcoholic content level of 14.5 percent and a maximum alcoholic content limit of 22 percent. 

Typically, the best varieties of aromatised wine come from Italy and France. Today, however; there is a new crop of small-scale producers of aromatised wine who are from either region.>

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There are many varieties of aromatised wine at EC Proof. In fact, EC Proof has stocked some of the best, oldest aromatised wine varieties. At EC Proof, you can purchase your favorite aromatised wine at fair prices and even have it delivered right to your doorstep. Here is some more information about aromatised wine.

Characteristics of Aromatised Wine

Aromatised wine is a different, distinct genre in the wines’ and spirits’ marketplace. Aromatised wine has unique characteristics which distinguish it from other types of wines. Some of these characteristics are:

Aromatised Wines Are One of the Oldest Drinks in the World

The history of aromatised wine back dates to the past eight millennia. Aromatised wine has long been used as medicine to cure the sick and the injured. Well-known people such as Cicero, Pythagoras, and Hippocrates used to manufacture aromatised wine for the benefit of the sick.

In the middle ages, monks used to take aromatised wine before praying, so that their minds can reach their “desired mental states of complete peace, comfort, and oneness with the Creator.” However, the shift towards using aromatised wine as a beverage instead of medicine started in the 17 th century. 

The onset of the 17 th century brought about remarkable people who were more interested in marketing aromatised wine as a brand. For instance, there was Antonio Benedetto, who marketed aromatised wine as a beverage in the Italian’s Savoy Court. He even exported it to the rest of the world with the Italian Court of Arms as its label. 

Aromatised Wines Are the Main Fabric of Italian Life 

Italy is the leading producer of aromatised wines in the world. In fact, aromatised wines form the major fabric of Italian life. 

There are about 600,000 hectares of vineyards in Italy. Moreover, there are 130 wine distilleries in Italy. Italians are obsessed with distilling wine , and this is why they produce the best- aromatised wines in the world. Aromatised wines which are manufactured in Italy are high-quality, classic, elegant, and of excellent taste. 

Aromatised Wines Are Available in Different Varieties 

Aromatised wines come in different styles and brands. The widely known varieties of aromatised wine include wine -based aperitifs, vermouth, bitter aromatised wines, egg-based aromatised wines, and mulled wine . 

These varieties are in multilayered flavors, and you can drink them neat, or you may add ice cubes or mix them with your other favorite drinks. If you want to stock your home bar with different alcoholic blends and flavors, then purchasing several varieties of aromatised wine will be the best bet for you. 

The Varieties of Aromatised Wine at EC Proof 

At EC Proof, you can find several varieties of aromatised wine . Some of these varieties are: 

Punt E Mes 

Punt E Mes is Italian vermouth, and the translation of its brand name in English is a point and a half. This means that Punt E Mes has two different flavors: two parts of it are bitter, and one part of it is sweet. If you don't like sweet vermouth, then definitely this will be the best brand of aromatised wine for you. Punt E Mes is only $48.00 at EC Proof. 

Carpano Antica Vermouth 

Carpano Antica is an aromatised wine brand of the famous Fratelli Branca Distillery. It's made of mostly white wine with small notes of spices, dried fruit, and vanilla. Carpano Antica is best served in cocktails, and it costs just $88.00 at EC Proof. 

Mancino Sakura Vermouth 

Mancino Sakura Vermouth was created by Giancarlo Mancino, who is a popular Japanese aromatic wine blender. Mancino Sakura is spiced with the flavors of the Japanese Sakura flower; i.e., cherry blossoms. It has a flowery taste, with slight notes of vanilla and peach. Its price is $60.00 at EC Proof. 

Mancino Rosso Amaranto Vermouth 

Rosso Amaranto is made from a base of sugar beet spirit and Trebbiano wine . It is enriched with 38 different and unique flavors. It has a sweet and lively vermouth taste, and it can be a perfect ingredient in a Manhattan or Negroni cocktail. It is priced at $56.00 at EC Proof. 

Mancino Bianco Ambrato Vermouth 

Bianco Ambrato has the same recipe as that of Rosso Amaranto, but unlike Rosso Aramanto, it is spiced with 37 different unique flavors. Bianco Ambrato is best served in Vesper, White Negroni, or Spritz cocktails. Also, you can choose to top it off with fresh grapefruit and soda water and drink it on the go! Bianco Ambrato costs $54.00 at EC Proof.

Mancino Secco Vermouth 

The world’s most renowned bartender, Giancarlo Mancino, created the Mancino Secco. Its base is made up of sugar beet spirit and Trebbiano wine, which is combined with 19 different botanicals. Its taste is dry, bitter, and herbaceous. Mancino Secco is perfect for the Bronx or Martini Cocktail. Its price is $57.00 at EC Proof.  

Mancino Vecchio Barricato Vermouth 

Mancino Vecchio is the world's first barrel-aged vermouth. Mancino Vecchio is aged for 12 months in oak casks before being bottled.

It has taste notes of orange zest, baking spice, and oak. Mancino Vecchio is deemed to be special vermouth because it is aged. You can use it in a luxurious Negroni or Manhattan cocktail. Mancino Vecchio is a high-end aromatised wine brand, and it costs $191.00 at EC Proof. 


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