Collection: Aromatic

A mixture made of water, alcohol, herbs, fruits, and spices, aromatic bitters were once known to be health tonics. Bringing many herbal benefits to the consumer, as well as flavor enhancement, aromatic bitters became a regular food and cocktail ingredient. The great concentration of spicy flavor and strong aroma has gained them the nickname bitters, albeit their sour or sweet taste. Moreover, just a small amount of aromatic bitters greatly enhances the taste and aroma of any cocktail. 

Aromatic Bitters for Cocktails

Almost every cocktail has its perfect aromatic bitters to improve and achieve the preferred taste. When the right proportion of aromatic bitters is added to the right cocktail, it becomes the cocktail’s signature flavor. Aromatic bitters’ strong fragrance is dominant in every mixed alcoholic drink.

Aromatic Bitters With Fruit Aroma

Our delightful EC Proof collection of aromatic bitters offers handcrafted bottles of fruit aromas. Without the use of artificial flavorings, indulge in high-quality orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, cherry, cranberry, plum, peach-flavored aromatic bitters.

Aromatic Bitters With Sensuous Flavours

From the floral notes of the lavender aroma, the sharp celery and cardamom scent to sweet chocolate and nutty flavor bitters, our EC Proof collection has it all. You name it we have it! Not just any aromatic bitters, we bring you the top quality bottles of established bitters manufacturers worldwide. 

Mini Bitters Set

Enjoy a set of timeless aromatic bitters packed in a mini bitter set. Indulge in classic flavors and make every cocktail original and flavorsome! Why not have them all! Find the best sets of aromatic bitters on our online store!