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Zombie Cocktail Bundle

Zombie Cocktail Bundle

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Celebrate Halloween with the perfect cocktail - The Zombie! Boozy, complex and delicious, get ready to throw the best cocktails at your Halloween party!

This bundle comes with an option of having it with 1 rum or 3! Here's an easy recipe to make your very own Zombie.

Zombie Cocktail Recipe
Plantation XO Rum 45ml
Plantation Xaymaca 45ml
Plantation OFTD 30ml

Velvet Falernum 15ml
Crawley's Grenadine Syrup 5ml
Lime Juice 22ml
Grapefruit juice 10ml
Cinnamon Syrup 5ml
Aromatic Bitters 1 dash
Absinthe 1 dash

Add ingredients into your shaker tin and top with ice, give it a good hard shake for 8-10 seconds and pour into your favourite tropical mug topped with crushed ice. Garnish with citrus and flowers and you're ready for a hauntingly delicious drink.

** If you're just using Plantation Xaymaca Rum, use 120ml rum instead.

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