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UrbanBar Retro Fizzio 1910 Coupe Glass - EC Proof

UrbanBar Retro Fizzio 1910 Coupe Glass

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Vintage Etched Fizzio 1910 Coupe Glass for Champagne and Cocktails

The vintage Fizzio 1910 Coupe Glass provides a premium drink presentation. Due to the lead-free crystal material, this champagne saucer features high transparency.

Including an etched pattern, this coupe glass harks back to early 20th-century design. Add retro aesthetic to both champagne and cocktails with this vintage champagne saucer.

Urban Bar designed the unique etched pattern to play against the texture of the contents. No matter what you serve in the Fizzio Coupe, this glass adds an extra presentation dimension.

Product Features

  • Vintage coupe glass
  • Lead-free crystal
  • High transparency
  • Etched pattern around the bowl evoking 1910s design
  • Serve champagne or cocktails
  • Dishwasher safe