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The Cocktail Chronicles - EC Proof

The Cocktail Chronicles

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Navigating the Cocktail Renaissance with Jigger, Shaker & Glass
Paul Clarke
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From Paul Clarke, editor of Imbibe and the 2014 Best Cocktail & Spirits Writer comes to The Cocktail Chronicles, an approachable guide to the cocktail renaissance thus far and―as the name implies―a chronicle of the cocktails that have come along the way. The Cocktail Chronicles is a collection of approachable, and easily replicable drinks that all share the same thing: a common deliciousness and a role -- both big and small -- in the ongoing and thriving cocktail renaissance. With helpful insight into glasses, tools, and basic cocktail tips and techniques, The Cocktail Chronicles covers familiar classics, back-from-the-dead obscurities, enduring classics and the drinks they've inspired, and the contemporary cocktails the may well be built to last. Read more...