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That Boutique-y Rum Company: Secret Distillery #3, Jamaica Pot Still Rum, Single Distillery - EC Proof

That Boutique-y Rum Company-Secret Distillery #3, Jamaica Pot Still Rum

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This Rum from a secret distillery in Jamaica has been aged for 14 years and is bottled at cask strength. The Jamaican spirit takes center stage in this single distillery, pot still rum. This carefully crafted, high-quality product captures the essence of Jamaican heritage and culture. Keep it classy with these smooth rums that are perfect for sipping or mixing into your favorite cocktails.

Nose: A lot of green notes, of fresh sugarcane with hints of burnt sugar and unripe banana.

Palate: Robust with pepper notes, lemongrass, and ripe pineapple. 

Finish: Cinnamon and a touch of lime freshness along with a lingering caramel note. 

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