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Terai India Dry Gin

Terai India Dry Gin

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Meet Terai India Dry Gin. A vibrant gin which begins with lush green notes lifted by citrus zest. This is followed by a characteristic floral bouquet and a sweet and piney juniper aroma. On the palate, sweet and herbaceous flavors are balanced by a dry spice and savory finish from the eleven selected botanicals sourced mainly from Khari Baoli - Asia’s largest spice market.

This small-batch gin is handcrafted at their family-owned distillery resulting in an authentic dry gin of true provenance. A product of intrinsic quality and taste crafted entirely in India using indigenously sourced ingredients. 

The name is Terai means 'Moist Land', a homage to the low, fertile land running parallel to the lower ranges of the Himalayas, along with North India and Southern Nepal.

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