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Rutte Sloe Gin

Rutte Sloe Gin

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In the 1970s, John Rutte created Sloe Berry liqueur, made of gin and fresh berries picked by hand in the Biesbosch, a nature park, near our Dordrecht distillery. Rutte Sloe Gin consists of a blend of sloe berries steeped in gin, sloe berry distillate, and a touch of traditional malt wine and herbs. The end result is a well-balanced sloe gin with a full, fruity palate

Sloe Gin is made by steeping berries in gin. Rutte uses the method but also distills the berries by themselves, which gives our Sloe Gin an extra fruity taste with strong almond notes. The steeped botanicals provide the finishing touch.

Botanicals: sloe berry, juniper, galangal, orange blossom, gentian, vanilla

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