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Planteray Extreme No.5 Barbados 1986 Rum

Planteray Extreme No.5 Barbados 1986 Rum

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Introducing the Planteray Extreme No. 5, a limited release gem from Barbados' West Indies distillery, selected and bottled by independent bottler Maison Ferrand. This 1986 molasses-based rum boasts a 36-year ageing process and is bottled at cask strength with 55.1% ABV.

Only 286 exquisite bottles were produced, making it a sought-after treasure by rum enthusiasts.


Distillery: West Indies Rum Distillery

ABV: 55.1%

Raw material : Molasses

Nose : Intense and super rich on tropical fruits

Palate : Mango, orange peel, passion fruit and vanilla with hints of anise and peach.

Finish : Intense and persistent on rancio, apricot, papaya, tea and peppermint.

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