Ferrand Sélection des Anges (30 year) - EC Proof

Ferrand Sélection des Anges (30 year)

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ABV 40% / 700ML
Cognac, France
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Sélection des Anges opens with a bouquet reminiscent of baking on a spring day. A pastry profile fresh from the oven of raisin, honey, vanilla, apricot is followed by elegant floral notes of rose and jasmine from the garden. Sélection des Anges is a magical elixir that allows our senses to frolic.
Paradoxically vibrant, yet with the rich roundness that comes with age, Sélection des Anges allows us to experience the divine harmony of nature and pleasure. It is a blend of Eaux-de-vie aged from 30-55 years old, aged in fine French oak barrels with varying temperatures and humidity levels.