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Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern Gin

Paper Lantern Gin

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ABV 40% / 700ML
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Paper Lantern Distilling is a premium Asian spirits brand that creates exciting, interesting, and unique drinks through a journey of ingredient discovery.  Paper Lantern Gin is the company’s flagship spirit, meticulously crafted in Southeast Asia using the freshest herbs and spices of the region.

Paper Lantern Gin is built from rice and distilled with a unique blend of eight botanicals that elevate cocktails, evenings, and attitudes. Bottled at 40% ABV, this gin is crafted with the softness of rice, the warmth of Sichuan pepper, the brightness of lemongrass, finished with a sweet kiss of honey. 

This regional gin brings a delicate combination of Asian botanicals while maintaining the juniper notes at the end.

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