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Never Never Distilling Co

Never Never Southern Strength Gin

Never Never Southern Strength Gin

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ABV 52% / 500ML
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Southern Strength Gin is a blast of classic flavor. A savory overproof expression is achieved by elevating the angelica root, coriander seed, and lemon character. This gin was developed from the bartender and consumer feedback from seven separate Dark Series batch releases.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fragrant pine with bright citrus and earthy angelica. Coriander seed elevates the citrus character.

Palate: Oily and viscous and immediately savory. Juniper still dominates, however, is complemented with earthy notes of angelica root and coriander seed.

Finish: Rich and robust, with pepper berry spice and cinnamon warmth developing late. The higher alcohol percentage carries a fuller flavour, perfect for bold martinis or spectacular gin and tonics.

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