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Margarita Cocktail Bundle- Just add Lime!

Margarita Cocktail Bundle- Just add Lime!

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Throwing a Margarita Party! Here's all you need, just add lime!

Each bundle consists of 1 bottle of Artenom 1579 Blanco Tequila, 1 bottle of Ferrand Dry Curacao and 1 bottle of Agave Syrup. Just grab some limes from your local grocer, and follow the recipe below for Margaritas all night long!

45ml Artenom 1579 Blanco Tequila
15ml Ferrand Dry Curacao
30ml Fresh Lime Juice
10ml Crawley's Agave Syrup

Add your ingredients into a shaker, top with ice and give it a good hard shake for 8-10 seconds. Serve it up or on the rocks, it's up to you! Just remember to salt the rim. 

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