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Los Siete Misterios DobaYej Mezcal (Copper Pot)

Los Siete Misterios DobaYej Mezcal (Copper Pot)

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The Doba-Yej is a well-balanced Mezcal perfect for enjoying neat or in cocktails. Doba-Yej means Agave Espadín in the ancient Zapotec language and each label features a Mexican war hero. They depict Doña Josefa Ortiz, Father Miguel Hidalgo, and José María Morelos. The highest quality of Agave Espadín was used, resulting in a spirit with bright, floral and beautifully balanced citrus notes.


Palate: Smooth and subtle, reminiscent of the nose with a long, citrus-forward finish.

Nose: Lime, orange, Mexican hawthorn, baked apple and pear, cooked agave and piloncillo with a subtle smokiness. Read more...
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