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Diplomatico Ambassador Rum

Diplomatico Ambassador Rum

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ABV 47% / 700ML
La Miel, Venezuela
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According to the tellings of Rum Master Tito Cordero, this Diplomatico rum has been years in the making. He was invested in mixing and trying out ingredients for the Ambassador for some time, trying to find the perfect balance between the fermentation, distillation and maturation process. He has been at the helm of the company as a Master Ronero for more than 25 years, spending his life perfecting the art of rum by giving respect to the traditional methods of rum making.

In his own words, the Diplomatico Ambassador is “the ultimate expression of his life work over the past 24 years.” The creator of this rum has won over 54 medals in international competitions, including the Golden Rum Barrel Award in 2011, which is the highest recognition in the rum world, since it means he was accepted as the Best Rum Master in the world. He is the only Venezuelan ever to receive the Golden Rum Barrel Award.

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The Diplomatico rum in Singapore

You can find the Diplomatico rum in Singapore in our EC Proof store or the EC Proof flat. The packaging of the rum itself will capture your imagination right away. The luxurious bottle, filled with the fantastic Ambassador rum, is packed in a wooden box, with 18-carat gold closure and writing on the bottle. Each detail crafted to perfection, with only one goal, to impress. It’s bottled at 47 percent alcohol by volume.

The colour of the rum is dark, deep amber that will remind you of the fall in Venezuela. The primary tones of the Ambassador are sweet. The first and second wave of sweetness comes off as scrumptious syrup and brown sugar. Coffee and roasted nuts can also be sensed in the rum, but on a more subtle note.

The second wave of sweetness brings the soft oaks and the spices in the front, with vanilla and cinnamon leading the way. The finish is nice, smooth and long, leaving you with a sweet taste in your mouth. On the nose, you can sense rich chocolate, nutmeg, honey, dried fruit, baked apple, dark-smoky oak and fine tobacco. The trick with the Ambassador rum is that it seduces you even before you try it. The aroma of the spirit will make any rum lover fall in love.

How is Diplomatico Ambassador rum made?

As we said above, the Rum Master Tito Cordero has been developing the Diplomatico Ambassador rum for more than a few years. The rum is crafted from 100 percent heavy pot still rums. The aging process is the impressive part, the first 12 years the rum is aged in previously used bourbon casks (oak casks), and the following two in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

Since the Destilerías Unidas S. A. lies in the valley of the Andes Mountains nearby Terepaima National park, all Diplomatico rums are made with the pure water of the mountains. The climate is perfect for cane production, fermentation and rum aging. Inside the company, the rum is distilled with three different methods depending on the complexity of the spirit. There is the continuous column still for light rums, the batch kettle still for intermediate rums, and the pot still for more complex rums.

The Diplomatico rums expressions are a blend of the three described above.

Diplomatico rum - buy it online in the EC Proof store

As we said above, the Diplomatico rum can be bought online in the EC Proof store. The price of this premium brand rum is $348. We imported the Ambassador from La Miel, Venezuela, because it’s one of the best rums in the world.

Venezuela takes its rum very seriously, and it should, because it’s regarded as one of the best in the world. Venezuelan rum is so important that it is one out of the only two rums in the world that has a denomination of origin classification, with the other one being from Martinique. In reality, this means that any rum that can put the Venezuelan rum logo on the bottle has to adhere to rigorous criteria. This is important because rum production around the world tends to be a bit of wild west, in the words of  Alfonso Castillo, Asia Pacific export manager of Venezuelan rum brand Diplomatico.

The reason for this is that every country has its own rules and methods of rum production, and they are wildly different from one another. The good news is that each of these rum brands will develop different flavours and characteristics because of the production methods. The Venezuelan rum is just in the top two that have a bit more demanding quality policy. For example, for liquor to be called a rum, it has to be at least two years old. Furthermore, for rum manufacturers in Venezuela, the solera process is forbidden, and they are not allowed to refill the barrels for two years once the rum is aging inside.

Another interesting fact about rum and Venezuela is that dark rums are preferred in the country, instead of white. Even though white rums are more common around the world (the Mojito, for example, is made with white rum), in Venezuela, it’s more expensive and sometimes even called vodka.

The Diplomatico rum is the best representation of the quality of the “ron de Venezuela”, and a must in every rum aficionado’s home. The Ambassador is the best in the brand, luxurious and incredibly rich in flavour, that makes it the perfect sipping rum. If you’re searching for a top-shelf rum, you’ve found it!

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