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Darkness! 8 year old Scotch Whisky

Darkness! 8 year old Scotch Whisky

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For a bold and intense scotch, get your hands on a bottle of Darkness!, an 8-year-old scotch that has been matured first in bourbon casks, then finished in specially coopered Olorosso sherry octaves for at least 3 months. These are much smaller than the standard butt casks, allowing for greater interaction with the liquid, producing a scotch that is intensely sherried and deeply colored. 

On the nose- Top notes of cinnamon and caramel with underlying malt notes and a lemon sweetness to finish.

On the palate- Strong bold flavors of caramel and cinnamon with underlying sherry notes completing perfectly. To finish, a quick black pepper spice hits before a lingering buttery note with hints of lemon zest.

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