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Citadelle Extrêmes N°4 Sergent Pepper Gin

Citadelle Extrêmes N°4 Sergent Pepper Gin

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Created in 2021, Citadelle Extrême N°4 Sergent Pepper is a tribute to the most intense and diverse spice of all: pepper. Built around two rare varieties whose bold aromas electrify Citadelle’s range of spices, Sergent Pepper combines the freshness of Sansho berries with the wild notes of the rarest pepper in the world: White Bird pepper from Cambodia.

Only 1,000 bottles of Citadelle Gin Sergeant Pepper are available in the world.

On the palate, the pairing shows the surprisingly harmonious interplay of the peppers. Sansho berries from Bhutan offer notes of red fruits, while the White Bird pepper from Cambodia delivers the spicy and fresh accents that are its signature. A very long finish progressively reveals mentholated flavours and a hint of dill reminiscent of aquavit.

Great sipped neat, and provides a lovely complexity in a Bloody Mary!

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