Canaima Gin

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From the people behind Diplomático Rum, one of our best selling brands, comes Canaima Gin - Distilled in DUSA’s distillery, at the foot of the Andes Mountains at La Miel, an area in the state of Lara, Venezuela. It is made with 8 traditional gin botanicals, 1 local fruit and 10 exotic botanicals found deep in the Amazonian rainforest, some of which include Açaí, Merey (Cashew) and Túpiro, an orange coloured fruit frequently consumed by the native tribes for it's nutritional properties. 

On the nose, it's aroma is robust and fruity bringing forth the lush greenery of the Amazonian rainforest and bright notes of passionfruit and grapefruit with a hint of black pepper.

On the palate, comes a lovely balance of herbaceous citrus notes with sweet tropical flavours, giving an overall fresh and bright gin. 

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