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Brass Lion Distillery

Brass Lion Pahit Pink Gin

Brass Lion Pahit Pink Gin

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A local take on Pink Gin, a remedy for sea sickness made popular by the British Royal Navy, Pahit (meaning 'Bitter' in Malay) Gin is how it was referred to in this region during colonial Malaya. Essentially, it was a combination of Gin and Bitters. 

From Brass Lion Distillery, their latest addition to their collection is Pahit Gin, made with their house-made Brass Lion Singapore Bitters and The Singapore Dry Gin, a full-bodied spiced gin that is great on the rocks and with ginger ale!
Tasting Notes:
Nose - Warm aromas brightened with citrus.
Palate - Bold top notes of cinnamon and spice complimented beautifully with citrus flavours from that of mandarin orange peels.
Finish - Pleasant sweetness from red dates and ginger spice for a lingering finish.
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