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Blood Oath Pact III Bourbon

Blood Oath Pact III Bourbon

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Blood Oath Pact No.3 was released in 2017. A bourbon with high rye content that is sharp yet floral, with a beautiful deep dark amber color. Finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from the heart of California wine country, thus giving this whisky a dry, blackberry, and espresso complexity.

On the nose comes the aromas of caramel and vanilla to start, later showing an underlying note of stone fruit before ending with hints of cocoa and oak.

On the palate, top notes of caramel and vanilla coupled with the creamy smooth mouthfeel arising from the barrel finish give this whisky a pleasant start. After which, notes of toasted oak and fruity hints of the apricot surface before finishing with a nice lingering spice, yet surprisingly smooth despite the high proof. You are then left with lasting notes of caramel and oak to leave you wanting more.

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