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Mr. Proof has built a home bar experience for his pals as a booze aficionado. Allow us to assist you in creating the ideal bar, selecting the spirits you want, and teaching you how to prepare your favorite cocktails at home. This luxurious experience is a wonderful anniversary or birthday present.


Consultation: Come into The Proof HQ and meet down with our Spirit Advisor to discuss your favorite cocktails and create your home bar over a glass of sparkling wine.

Cocktail Making: Our Spirit Advisor will bring and assist you set up your handpicked spirits and home bar items. Then spend some time teaching you how to prepare those incredible cocktails together, including the Shake, Swizzle, Build, and Stir methods.

Cocktail Party: Why not transform your experience into the trendiest cocktail party in town, showcasing your new cocktail-making abilities as our Spirit Advisor mixes drinks for your guests? (Only the Savoy option is available)