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When we want to drink some wine, we can’t just drink it out of the bottle, we have to get a glass. If you’re drinking wine, you need a glass that has been made from one piece of glass shaped like.

When we put ice in our glass, we can’t hold the glass and the ice at the same time. So we need tongs or an ice-pick.

The right accessories make drinking better. We have a wide selection of high-quality ice-pick accessories to transform any drink into a delight. Whether you are chilling your favorite liquor or making the best tasting margarita, our ice-pick accessories are essential for all drinking enthusiasts. Browse through our collection of ice picks, ice stirrers, bar spoons, swizzle sticks, and more.

There are many accessories for ice-pick. First, the handle is important. When we hold it, it should be comfortable and easy to use. Next, the head of the pick is also very important because that’s where you stick it into the ice cube. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. And it shouldn’t be sharp since that might hurt

Every time when we make a drink, we always use an ice pick to put the ice cubes into our glass.

Here on, you'll find some special ice-pick, ice-mold, tongs, etc.