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Chartreuse is a liqueur with a grassy, herbal flavor. It is produced by the Carthusian Monks at the Chartreuse de Portneuf monastery in Voiron, France. The liqueur was first created in 1605 by an alchemist named Pierre Ordinaire, who was attempting to create a medicinal elixir. This original recipe has remained unchanged. They use an old recipe that was written down by hand for hundreds of years.

Chartreuse Swizzle Wine is a liqueur that tastes like honey. It’s a mixture of honey, herbs, and spices that are distilled with alcohol. Chartreuse is clear, bright green in color, sweet, slightly spicy, aromatic, and very high in alcohol.

Chartreuse Swizzle Wine is a very unique drink.  It has a particular color because it uses green Chartreuse, which is made out of 130 different ingredients, including herbs and flowers. When you put it in the glass it looks like water but when you swizzle it around in the glass, the color changes to yellow.

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