The Registry by EC Proof

Having a Party? Soirée? Housewarming? BBQ? Wedding Reception? Bridal Shower? Yacht Party? Stag Night?

Last thing you want is your guests to worry about what drinks they should bring (or let’s be honest, them showing up with the wrong thing)! Now The Registry by EC Proof allows you to curate your own drinks list to share with your guests. Just like a wedding registry, guests simply log in to the link you share, pick what they want to contribute based on their budget, check out and they’re done. It literally takes less than 5 minutes and their BYOB is sorted. Best part is no one has to do anything further as EC Proof will deliver all of the purchased items to the location of the party at the time requested by the host. Party Sorted!

What’s more? Let your friends help you to stock your new home bar and gift you the bottles you want. Your friends & family overseas can even participate and send the gift you’ll enjoy in your new home.

Don’t forget to include bitters, tonics and bar tools and of course the booze! Throw in a helpful cocktail recipe book and beautiful glassware to up your game.

Not sure what to include? Give us a call and one of our personal spirit advisors can help you to curate the perfect cocktail grocery list for any theme.

Not sure how much to order? Download our Drink Calculator.