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Ford's6 Gin Officers' Reserve
Are you a spirit enthusiast? Do you know the subtle difference between a St. George Single Malt Whiskey and Michter's Rye Whiskey? If you have an excellent taste, or even better, if you want to find out and learn more about fine spirits and liquors, then you came to the right place!...
EC Proof is more than just an online alcohol delivery shop in Singapore. We’re also a place filled with knowledge on the most tantalising subject of all — luxurious home bar goods. Welcome to our store! Our story begins like every other great story, with an amazing idea involving alcohol. We created the EC Proof online alcohol delivery store, and the EC Proof flat for everyone that knows how to appreciate fine spirits. We curated the most premium independent spirits and liquors across the globe in our store, and we opened the gates of The Proof Flat! Inside, you can find everything from the Citadelle Gin Spirit from the France to the Mancino Vecchio Barricato Vermouth from Piedmont in Italy. Our primary goal is to give our customers the chance to try genuinely superb liquors for the best price available on the market in Singapore. For the time being, we can deliver packages only within the country, but we’re quickly expanding our market, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the spirits we import in countries other than Singapore. We selected the best exports all over the world and brought them here so you can stock up your home bar with some delicious gins, whiskies and rums.

The best liquor delivery shop for your event

Another exciting offer from EC Proof that’s a game changer for any event you want to organise is The Registry. What is the registry? We’re glad you asked, because it’s one of our favourites when it comes to stepping up the liquor delivery game in Singapore. In short, it’s an option for you to create a custom list with your personal spirits choices and share it with your guests. It’s like our version of a wedding registry but with fine liquors that will make everyone at the party happier! The whole process will take up to five minutes of your time, and it’s also fun and enjoyable. All you have to do is register at our website, create the drink list that you would like your friends to contribute for the event, and share it with them through social media. This way, you give them the option to pick something everyone will enjoy, and at the same time fits their budget. All items will be delivered together to the party so no one has to carry anything. Party sorted! We’ll let you in on a little secret, this is also an elegant way for you to stock up your home bar with great liquors and give your friends the chance to gift them to you. While we’re on the subject, you can also add a few sophisticated items on the list, like our helpful cocktail recipe book and gorgeous glassware. If you need help creating The Registry, we have you covered! You can contact one of our personal spirit advisors and they will guide you through the whole process. They will even give you a few tips on how to curate an excellent cocktail party.

Buy alcohol online & delivered straight to your home

If you want to buy alcohol online and have it delivered straight to your home, we must give you a short preview of our best selections. Let’s talk fine liquors and spirits! The first category on our list is gin. Gins are made from a neurtral grain spirit, distilled with different herbs, spices, fruits or aromatic botanicals, with juniper in the leading role. Each brand of gin has its own background story, involving a lovely old recipe and the ultimate utilisation of the art of distillation. You can find a great London dry Fords Gin and a Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin from Australia all in one place. Then we move on to the archetypal spirit — vodka. The trick with vodkas is not in the main ingredient, because they can be made from almost anything that can be fermented, but instead in the method with which they were made. The two main types of vodkas are the flat ones that blend amazingly in cocktails, and the ones that show a glimpse of the base. We would recommend you to check out the Moscow Mule Gift Box that includes St. George All Purpose Vodka, East Imperial Mombasa Ginger Beer 4-pack and 2 Mule Cups. The next group is spirits made from agave, or worldly known as tequila and mezcals. Once the sugar from the plant is extracted, the fermentation process begins, which leaves us with strong spirits that feature rich tastes. At the EC Proof online store, you can even find the one-of-a-kind, ultra-aged Fuenteseca 18 Year Tequila from the legendary tequilero Enrique Fonseca in Mexico. No list would be complete without the popular category for liquor lovers — whiskies. We feature American, Scottish, Irish and other worldly famous brands in our store. From the American selection, you can try the Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon, a flagship bottling from Kentucky. Since Scotland is renowned for its whiskies, purchasing the Regions of Scotland Whisky Tasting Set can be the most prudent choice for beginners. From Ireland, the classical Redbreast Irish Whiskey has been our biggest hit so far. Furthermore, let’s not forget about Japan and their superstar, the Nikka Taketsuru 17 Year Pure Malt Whisky.

Online liquor delivery for aficionados

The EC Proof store is not a regular liquor store; we feature bottles from all over the world that would make your home spirit cart look like a nomadic traveller. Our online liquor delivery only makes it easier for you to get your hands on craft independent spirits that will inspire your taste receptors, and make you the best host for cocktail parties. Our alcohol delivery system is fast and reliable, and the ordering process is straightforward and simple. All orders placed before 3pm should be delivered the same day and after 3pm, tomorrow. If you have any problems during purchasing, you can always contact us for additional information or help. Cheers!
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