International Rum Day!

Rum Ec Proof

The second Saturday of July is a date very close to our hearts and always marked in our calendars every year, as it's World Rum Day! A celebration of the awe inspiring sugarcane spirit, it's vast and varied history and the amazing people who continue to push and innovate the category itself.
We love everything rum and whether you like the grassy notes of a French Agricole style Rhum, the bold spiced taste of a British style Rum or the the unctuous buttery mouthfeel of a Spanish style Ron, there has never been a better time to explore this delicious dark spirit and sample new and exciting craft distillers.
Intercontinental collaborations, different cask finishes and rare aged releases are becoming the norm; making it a great time to be a rum drinker! Rum is here to stay and whether you like a tart and refreshing Plantation Rum 3 stars daiquiri, a smooth as velvet Diplomatico Old Fashioned, a tropical Piña Colada or just a shot to get your night started right, today is the perfect day to raise your glass or visit your friendly neighborhood rum bar and offer a cheers to those who have gone before us and shaped the story of this enchanting spirit.


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