9 Gift Ideas for Spirit Lovers!

Spirit Lovers
Looking for a gift for your favourite spirit lover? Whether they need something new for their bar cart, are intrepid explorers of spirits, or simply enjoy little surprises… they are sure to appreciate these specially curated gift sets.
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Spirit Lovers!

Gifts that any rum lover would obsess over

Rum is a delicious concoction created from sugarcane molasses or juice and is an extraordinary spirit to get into the holiday spirit! If you’ve got an appreciator of rum in your life, consider our favourite picks for them:

Diplomatico Old Fashioned Gift Set

Spirit Lovers
A handsomely presented gift set with stylish glassware that accompanies a bottle of Venezuela's greatest export - the equally stunning and extraordinary Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum. Perfect for an avid lover that enjoys passionately crafted rums.

Premium Rum Collection by Drinks by the Dram

Spirit Lovers 2
Surprise a rum fan with an exciting box of 12 different 30ml wax-sealed drams from excellent producers. This rum collection set will sure to please even the pickiest enthusiasts. Marvelous as a gift, or perfect for enjoying some delicious rums with a few friends!

Plantation Rum Experience Gift Pack

Take a rum lover across the amazing islands with 6 different flavours, all presented in 10cl bottles. Let them create beautiful cocktails in various styles with this specially-curated gift pack of award winning deliciousness.

Artisan Whisky gifts that any aficionado can appreciate

To the passionate whisky fan, it’s not just a simple tipple, but a whole world and variety of styles and expressions to explore. That whisky lover in your life deserves something special, and these premium festive gifts are sure better than buying them that average bottle.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar (2021 Edition)

Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon 1
Created to be worthy of awe and amazement, this Whisky Advent Calendar houses a different 30ml wax-sealed dram from incredible distillers behind every one of the 24 windows. Gift this treat to an adventurous fan for a magnificent countdown to Christmas.

Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon 

Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon
Produced in very small batches, typically twenty-four barrels or fewer per batch and aged for around eight years, this great Bourbon is a dependably delightful tipple. Sweet, fruity and spicy, it packs in plenty of flavour that a whisky drinker can appreciate. Boxed up and beautiful and every bourbon lover's dream!

Japanese Whisky Tasting Set, Drinks by the Dram

 Japanese Whisky Tasting Set
This opulent tasting set reaffirms Japan as a leading producer of incredibly good whisky. Containing 5 different samples, each dram provides a unique and singular taste of the whisky world's greatest modern success stories that will satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

The Perfect Gifts for Gin Fans

Whether you want to share the love of gifting with a gin lover, or just fancy giving yourself a treat, why not take it a step further! Instead of just another bottle of this juniper-infused spirit, come take a look at our exclusive range of some of the best gin gift sets you and your gin-loving friend will be sure to love! 

The Boutique-y Gin Company Retro Gin Fridge

 The Boutique-y Gin Company
This incredibly snazzy gift set shaped like a retro fridge makes for such a brilliant and gift. Within the nostalgic design nestles eight different 50ml drams of a spectacular selection. With all sorts of delicious flavour profiles and a set that doubles as a retro decor; it’s everything an avid gin fan could want for Christmas.

The Boutique-y Gin Company Gin Advent Calendar

 Gin Advent Calendar
Countdown to Christmas in a style befitting only the most avid Gin fan! 24 different drams of Gin made by some of the top Gin producers in the world sit behind each window waiting to be savoured! Make it a holiday season to remember and pick your favourites!

St George’s Gin Trio

St George’s Gin Trio
Wonderful on their own, but as a set of three, it’s a mini gin tasting flight that explores a range of exciting botanicals. Each set comes with a 200ml bottle of St. George Dry Rye Gin, St, George Botanivore Gin and St. George Terroir Gin. With this gin trio, any gin lover can create their favourite cocktail to enjoy.

Well there you go, 9 great gifts for your spirit loving friends... or yourself! Want more great gifts? Check out our Holiday Gifting page! Need some advice? Give us a ring and we'd be delighted to play Santa's helper and help ya out!
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