Willett Cocktail Making Class for 2 (winner) - EC Proof

Willett Cocktail Making Class for 2 (winner)

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Extraordinary Spirit

Willett Potstill Whiskey 1.75L

It is a unique Bourbon made by Willett the family-owned company that has made a canon of top American whiskies since 1935. Reserve is a matured bourbon that is made from a single barrel. It is a floral and citrusy whiskey that is opened with just a hint of water, this bottle demonstrates the quality in the way Willett blends and age their whiskies.

Extraordinary Experience

Private Couples Cocktail Making Class. Begin the class with a glass of prosecco as you are taught the fundamentals of cocktail making. The class will include three or four cocktails of your choice. The sessions take place in the kitchen at The Proof Flat with a Spirit Evangelist. Everyone is having a blast and plenty of drinks.

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Bottle: Willett Potstill Whisky 1.75L

Experience: Private Couples Cocktail Making Class.

Value: $675

Starting Bid: $400

T&C: Subject to availability and will be coordinated by The Ladies of EC Proof. Must be used within 1 year.