Tried & True Trail Pub Crawl for 4 - EC Proof

Tried & True Trail Pub Crawl for 4

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Extraordinary Spirits

The first bottle of Tried & True Vodka signed by all of the Spirit Evangelist of The Proof Team. Distilled in a five-column process from soft winter wheat grown and milled in France. Proofed down to a cocktail appropriate 44% ABV using RO demineralised well water from the Cognac region. We have a zero additive policy: no citric acid, glycerine or sugar is added to our vodka. The result is Tried and True: a finely made, authentic, neutral vodka that craft barfolk can rely on.

Extraordinary Experience

Spend an evening with the amazing Tom Hogan as you tour the bars of Singapore. Experience what it's like to walk into bars as someone "in-the-know" and get the VIP treatment. Plus Tom is just super fun and witty to be around. Ask him questions about cocktails, running bars, creating bars or about his love for karaoke and his infamous sleep walking.  

Lot #13

Bottle: Tried & True Vodka Signed

Experience: Tried & True Trail Pub Crawl around Singapore with Tom Hogan

Value: $1500

Starting Bid: $800

** This lot will be 100% donated to Plastic Oceans **

T&C: Subject to availability and will be coordinated by The Ladies of EC Proof. Must be used within 1 year. Flights or accommodation in Singapore not included.