Rutte Celery Gin

ABV 43% / 700ML
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The old world meets the new world with our Celery Gin. Generations of Rutte distilling methods, along with some of our new recipes, come together to create this signature f lavor. Through history, we have been making many for ms of genevers and gins, but from the beginning we were using celery. Our founder and his sons experimented with unique botanicals, herbs and spices and we are glad they did, because it is with that same love that we craft this spirit.


Distilled with Juniper, Celery, Coriander, Angelica Root, Sweet Orange Peel and Cardamom.


Subtle floral notes with juniper, coriander and cardamon.


Light herbaceous notes of mint, parsley and celery. Zesty and fresh with some anise.


Clean pleasant mouth feel with some perceived saltiness.

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