Plantation Extreme No. 3 Jamaica ITP 1996 from Long Pond Distillery

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Hailing from the famed Long Pond Distillery, known for producing the world's most esteemed high-ester rums, comes Maison Ferrand's Plantation Extreme No. 3 Jamaica ITP 1996. It is aged for 22 years- 21 years in ex bourbon casks in Jamaica and then in ex cognac casks in France.

- High ester rate of 386g/hlap

- Bottled at cask strength at 54.8% abv

On the nose, you'll begin with woody and floral notes with hints of berries, which then develops into the characteristic funk of Jamaican rums and ripe fruits. 

On the palate, you'll get intense and bold flavours of cinnamon, baking spices and ripe tropical fruit. There is finish is long and full bodied.

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