Michter's Meet-the-Maker 25 Year Bourbon - EC Proof

Michter's Meet-the-Maker 25 Year Bourbon

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Extraordinary Spirits

The grande dame of bourbons, Michter's 25 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a complex whiskey with an intensely smooth mouthfeel.

A host of flavours plays at different points on the palate: molasses, holiday spice, chocolate, smoke roasted nuts, dried fruit and melted butter are just some of the highlights!

Extraordinary Experience

Private tour of the Michter's Distillery for 2 with 2-night accommodations at the 21C Museum Hotel!

Located in Shively, a section of Louisville with a legendary whiskey heritage, Michter’s Distillery is a 12.8 acres, 78,000 square foot facility. A fully-licensed distilled spirits plant (DSP KY-20003), the facility is currently home to all of Michter’s processing and bottling operations, as well as two of its small pot stills. Additionally, in October 2014, Michter’s installed a custom-built 32 inch diameter, 46 foot high copper column still with a distinctive copper pot still doubler. Designed by Vendome’s Rob Sherman, Michter’s Master Distiller Emeritus Willie Pratt, and Michter’s Master Distiller Pam Heilmann, this new still will allow Michter’s to eventually bring more great whiskey to the market to satisfy growing demand.

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Bottle: Michter's 25 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Experience: Meet-the-maker on a private tour of the Michter's Distillery with 2 nights stay at 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky

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