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A short history of the Kyrö Napue gin

Welcome to the Finish tale of the Kyrö Napue gin, and how it came into existence!

Everyone loves a good friendship story. Friends come together and make something great and unbelievable. It also helps if what they make comes in the form of delicious gin, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Miika, Miko, Mikko, Kalle and Jouni were lifelong friends that shared their passion for fine alcohol, and after some deliberation, they decided to open a micro-distillery, and one of the end-results is the famous Kyrö Napue gin.

However, it didn’t start with gin. Instead, it began with whiskey, even though since it’s Finland, everyone assumes it’s all about vodka.

In reality, almost 30 percent of the Rye crop in the Isokyrö region is used to make vodka, so the founders decided that they want to go a different way, and right into the whiskey business. Since they already had the raw materials ready, and shared their immense love for malty brown spirits, they decided to open the distillery. None of them had any previous knowledge or experience in the business, which is why this success story is so impressive.

Today, when we know that the company made it, it’s easy to make jokes about its origin. According to the friend group, they decided to open “Rye Rye Osakeyhtiö” or in English, the Kyrö Distillery Company while they were sitting in a sauna drinking American rye whisky. Once they bonded over the idea, they packed and went on a trip around Europe to gather knowledge from other micro-distilleries about the methods used in the distillation business.

The distillery is built next to the River Kyrö, where they transformed a 1908-built cheese factory, which was used to produce Finnish Oltermanni cheese into their new company. In all honesty, Kalle Valkonen, which is now the company’s head distiller, was developing biofuels before he got this fantastic job and had a thing for brewing home beers. They travelled around Europe learning tricks and gathering secrets from others in the business for two years.

If you though this is where the story ends, you’re wrong, because it even gets more interesting. In the land on which the distillery is built, archeologists found ancient skeletons in the Leväluhta. The legend says that the water turns red every spring.

The most exciting part about this is that they needed gin to make high-quality whiskey, and for that reason alone, the Kyrö Napue gin was born!

Kyrö Napue gin in Singapore

You can find a bottle of Kyrö Napue gin in Singapore right here in our store. The Kyrö Napue gin is made with the distillation of twelve relatively traditional botanicals (juniper, coriander, meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, cranberry and birch) macerated overnight in a pot still. After this process is complete, they are blended and mixed with four other botanicals that have been individually distilled.

The separate distillations are done, so the quality and taste of the gin will stay unaffected by the nature of the botanicals. Since each of the botanicals could be affected by weather, water content and aroma, the results would always vary if they were to distil together. The taste of the Kyrö Napue gin is classically fresh and Nordic.

Are you wondering about the name? You should, because it has the most fantastic origin! It’s believed that the birthplace of the Cudgel War with Sweden is a 15th-century church located close to the distillery. In the same place, only a few centuries later, the Finish fought against Russia in the ill-fated Battle of Napue in 1714. The battle left the area devastated with half of the male population gone. The gin took the name, not just as a nod to history and victory despite the odds and terrible losses, but also, the gin was launched on the 300-year anniversary of the Napue battle.

A review of gin Napue

The gin Napue is bottled at 46,3 percent ABV. It’s a dry gin with a Scandinavian character. The botanicals used to make it are traditional Finish demonstrations of the blooming nature in the country. As the name of the company suggests, the heart of the gin is rye. On the nose, you can taste herbal and sweet notes. The essential oils of the meadowsweet and gentle citrus make it refreshing and simply perfect for a gin and tonic.

In the palate, you’ll taste the full-bodied herbal flavour with hints of birch leaves, seabuckthorn and cranberries. The finishing taste has notes of pepper of rye on the tongue, which make the spirit more distinctive than the others in that category. In each sip, you can taste some of the 16 botanicals used to make this Finish delight.

The Kyrö Napue gin was such a huge hit on the market that after it won its first award in only a month, the demand went from 400 bottles a month to 4,000. Today, it’s exported in over 15 countries worldwide, and it is renowned as one of the best gins for cocktails and sipping. Some of the cocktails you should definitely stir with a Kyrö Napue gin are Gin Sour, Baltic Pink, Negroni, Gimlet, Tom Collins, Singapore Sling and many more.

Kyrö Napue gin where to buy it?

Wondering about Kyrö Napue gin and where to buy it? We have the easiest and the best possible solution for you. Order it online from the EC Proof store. We have Kyrö Napue gin on stock and ready to be delivered to your doorstep. If you’re still on the fence about his incredible spirit, all the awards might nudge you in the right direction:

  • Best Gin for the Gin and Tonic category at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2015
  • Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition premium gin series in 2016
  • The Spirits Business magazine awarded the company with a "Master medal" in Digital & Social Media, Distillery Facilities, Consumer Experience, and Distillery Innovation.

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