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There is no need to wander around the internet anymore, because right here, in the EC Proof online liquor store, is the best Hendrick's Gin price you can find on the market in Singapore. Our business philosophy is customer-centric, and our end goal is to provide you with exquisite domestic and imported wines and spirits. We understand luxury and quality, and that’s precisely what you will find in our online assortment. One of those luxurious, imported spirits we have to offer is the Hendrick's Gin.

The Best Hendrick's Gin Price Online

The Hendrick's Gin price is $89.00 per bottle. This is quite an impressive offer for an original Scotland gin, made with the essence of the Bulgarian rose and cucumber infusion. However, Hendrick’s Gin is so much more than just another Scottish gin. It’s also a success story of great magnitude for the company that created it, and at the same time, it paved the way for other contemporary gin labels.

If you’re a spirit lover, then you already know that Hendrick’s Gin set the template for modern gin brands. One of the best ways to try this gin out is to pour it alongside tonic and experience the rose notes blossom with the help of the strong citrus taste.

A short history of Hendrick's Gin

The Hendrick's Gin was first introduced to the world in 2001, by the Girvan distillery in South Ayrshire, Scotland, owned by William Grant & Sons. The distillery is a proud family business, which has created over 18 different kinds of spirits since the distant 1887. The Hendrick's is one of their core brands, and it was created by Malt Masters David Stewart and Lesley Gracey. The iconic taste was born after 21 distillations.

It’s produced iconoclastically in small batches, and it features 11 botanicals from different parts of the world. It is the ideal product of the Carter-Head and the Bennett Still. The two stills produce very diverse types of gin because they feature different constructions with a different amount of copper contact and distillation methods.

The William Grant & Sons distillery is the leading independent whisky company in Scotland, and it has the third-largest malt distilling capacity in the business. They are an award-winning company, which as the legend says, got into the gin industry in 1966 when they bought a gin recipe and two stills at an auction in London. One of those stills is the Bennett pot, made in 1860, and the other one is a Carter-Head from 1948, and they are still used today to make Hendrick's Gin.


The flair of the bottle itself is an indication of the elegance and sophistication that the William Grant & Sons distillery brought to the gin market. You can see the rich history of the Hendrick's Gin in the apothecary-style bottle in which the spirit is stored. The goal is to remind you that, once upon a time, gin was treated as a medicine, which is a smart way to convey the same message.

Even though today we have a diverse and layered classification of gins, back in 2001, when the Hendrick's Gin was first introduced, it was in a category of its own. The incredibly rich taste of the gin has made it a popular choice for liquor lovers all over the world for almost two decades.

Hendrick's Gin review

If you haven’t tried this fanciful Scottish gin so far, then you might want to know what you’re in for once you do. The Hendrick's Gin review has two main points you should pay attention to before you purchase this fantastic bottle:


  • It’s a contemporary gin made with traditional methods, botanicals and Bulgarian rose, which is why it has strong floral notes that give it structure. The palate radiates the support of a very classic gin, but at the same time, has a slight salty licorice flavour.
  • The tones of the gin go incredibly well with some of the most famous cocktails around, like Negroni, Clover Club cocktail, Aviation or Blue Moon cocktail.

However, the real secret behind this incredible recipe is in the botanicals and the methods that are used to make it. You can catch a taste or a scent of juniper, cubeb berries, elderflower, coriander, grains of paradise, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, orange peel, caraway seeds, yarrow and chamomile. The gin is distilled in a Carter-head still, while the botanicals are left in a copper basket for 24 hours while vapour passes through them.

After these two processes are done, they are mixed, and you get a deep, malty taste. The rose and the cucumber are added to the mix later. Once the rose and cucumber infusions are added, the spirit is cut with water and bottled at 41.4 percent ABV.

The juniper is creating the base of the gin, and it’s a bit on the nose, but once you pass that, you’ll taste the floral base brews like the rose, and that makes for a clean and refreshing gin. The cucumber is also very noticeable in the taste, which gives the Hendrick’s a very garden-fresh and forward impression. In the end, after you get a glimpse of the botanicals, the finish tastes almost like Earl Grey Tea. Hendrick’s Gin is the perfect example of unusual Britishness.

The Hendrick's Gin in Singapore

You can purchase the Hendrick's Gin in Singapore through our online store. As we said above, you will also get the best Hendrick's Gin price on the market. The Hendrick’s Gin is so recognisable today that it’s grown dramatically on the international market, turning the William Grant & Sons distillery into one of the biggest players in the industry.

The intelligent design and innovative ideas have paid off and made this gin one of the most deluxe brands in the world. The company sold over 500 thousand nine-litre cases in over 80 countries worldwide, which is more than admirable. It is a top-shelf gin worth drinking. Give this smooth, neat gin a taste!

Price: $89.00
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