Four Season KL Toddy Farm Rum Experience

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Extraordinary Spirit

Diplomatico Ambassador Rum. 

Diplomatico's flagship rum made from 100% pot still “honey barrels” hand-selected by Master Distiller Tito Cordero and released in limited quantities. Sweetened with aged sugarcane distillate, Ambassador is dry and complex, with rich notes of port, pudding and pine. Serve this one neat in your best glass.

Extraordinary Experience

2 Night stay at Four Seasons KL in a Park View Room with an exclusive Toddy Farm experience. Toddy is the only locally produced alcohol in Malaysia, something very few people get to taste and experience in a lifetime. Witness the tapping and collecting of sap from the coconut tree and taste the alcohol of nature. Enjoy a beautiful breakfast at Morib Beach before stopping at a dragon fruit logan farm where you will enjoy a Four Seasons chef prepared lunch at Toddy Inn. That evening spend the night in the beautiful new Bar Trigona to experience Toddy cocktails made by the head bartender. 

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Bottle: Diplomatico Ambassador Rum

Experience: 2-night stay at Four Seasons KL with Toddy Farm trip and Toddy cocktails at Bar Trigona

Value: $1,600

Starting Bid: $1,200

T&C: Subject to availability and will be coordinated by The Ladies of EC Proof. Must be used within 1 year. 

Price: $1,200.00
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