LIMITED EDITION- Plantation Vintage Fiji 2005

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Rare and precious nectar and the result of an inspired collaboration between Liam F. Costello, Master Distiller of the Rum Co. of Fiji Distillery, and Alexandre Gabriel, Master Blender and creator of Plantation rums, comes this limited edition Plantation Vintage Fiji 2005. This beauty was distilled entirely in triple column stills and aged for 14 years in Bourbon casks in the mild climate of the Fiji Islands. In this time, it developed an expansive palette of different flavors. Building on this is Plantation Rum’s proprietary second maturation, spending an extra year maturing in Ferrand French oak barrels in the House’s cellars in Cognac.

It is round and complex, and unfolds with beautiful fullness. One can savor the salted caramel, milk chocolate, walnut, licorice and ginger, all harmoniously combined. The finish is long and lingering of allspice, galangal and golden syrup.

Limited Edition, only 28 casks ever made. Only 15 bottles available for sale. 
Price: $215.00
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