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Bomberger's Declaration Bourbon

Bomberger's Declaration Bourbon

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In honour of the distillery previously named Bomberger's in the 1800s comes Bomberger's Declaration Bourbon, a limited release Bourbon part of Michter's Legacy Series.

In this 2020 release, this flavourful Kentucky Straight Bourbon has a distinctively smooth character that belies its 108 proof strength. In the ageing of this exclusive bourbon, special wood naturally air dried for 3 years was used. In this year's edition, the proportion of bourbon that spent time in Chinquapin Oak barrels was increased, increasing the unique attributes of this highly allocated Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Tasting Notes
On the Nose: Toast and buttery caramel with a plum finish

On the Palate: Bold and remarkably smooth with notes of burnt sugar, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The finish is robust with a complex depth of flavour.

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