Henri Giraud, Esprit Nature NV

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The Champagne Henri Giraud motto is "Let nothing be banned and nothing be obligatory - just make good wine naturally", with 'naturally' here used int he sense of 'by nature'.

Grape Varieties

There is the characteristic richness, and savoury, umami character of the Maison, and the blend is typically Pinot Noir-rich (80%, the remaining 20% is all Chardonnay). 50% of the reserve wine is aged in Giraud's signature Argonne oak and the remainder in Tuscan terracotta demi-johns. 


The wines spends two years in bottle (double the requirement for a standard Champagne non-vintage and all this adds up to is an impressively ample, powerfu and vinous mouthful. 

Tasting Notes

Suffused and superb mineral bitterness, it marks its arrival amongst the great wines of Champagne, with its incomparable fruit offering an invitation to shared pleasure. 

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