Bandini Prosecco

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Bandini is a specialist Prosecco producer based in Vadobbiadene and newly arriving to our shores. Made in an Extra Dry style this Prosecco has all the calssic freshness and vibrancy one epxects from the wines of the region. An aperitif style with a very fine mousse, this is amde from high quality vineyards across the Veneto region. 


Marco Flacco

Grape Variety

Glera (Prosecco) 100% grown in the hills in the Province of Treviso.


The grapes are harvested at optimum maturity in the second half of September. After a very gentle crush the must is placed in stainless steel tanks to settle for decanting. The fermentation with selected yeasts is completed within 8-10 days at 18°C. The wine is then filtered and placed in closed stainless steel tanks for the secondary fermentation (Charmat Method) at a controlled temperature of 14-15°C, with the addition of selected yeasts and saccharose. Once the wine has achieved the required pressure levels and alcohol/sugar balance, it is chilled to prohibit further fermentation ready for bottling. 

Alcohol Content

11,00 % p.vol.


Pale yellow in colour with a delicate persistent mousse. 


The bouquet is delicate and complex with fruity notes of peach and green apple and secondary notes of acacia and wisteria. 


The palate is fresh and light with good acid balance and a creamy, harmonious mouthfeel and pleasing persistence. 


Serve at 8-10°C. Ideal as an aperitif, Bandini Prosecco Extra Dry is a perfect accompaniment to hors-d'oeuvres and delicate first courses based on fish and shellfish. Enjoy whilst the wine is young and vibrant over the coming 1-2 years.

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