Mezcal Night at 28HKS for 4

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Extraordinary Spirits

For this occasion, Los Danzantes created a special product which is why it was aged in a glass still. Aging 3 different batches of espadin in glass over a course of 1-4 years. The result leads to a delicate mezcal where each one of its organoleptic properties is intergrated into the tasting experience! Definitely a treat.

Extraordinary Experience

Sit down to Singapore's favourite speakeasy cocktail bar with 3 of your friends to enjoy free flow Mezcal drinks and food for 2 hours. Don't miss the world famous mac & cheese balls while you taste award winning cocktails.   

Lot #17

Bottle: Los Danzantes 20th Anniversary Mezcal

Experience: Mezcal tasting and cocktails at 28HKS for 4 (2 hour free flow)

Value: $850

Starting Bid: $600

T&C: Subject to availability and will be coordinated by The Ladies of EC Proof. Must be used within 1 year. 

Price: $600.00
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