Mexican Fuenteseca Fiesta for 12

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Extraordinary Spirit

Fuenteseca 21 Year Tequila

Seeking to create the world's longest-aged tequila, master distiller Enrique Fonseca distilled this lot in copper double-column stills. Harvested late '93 and laid into barrel in February of '94; the casks were stored for 10 years in a dry, earthen-floor Aging room in the town of Atotonilco el Alto before being designated worthy of a longer Agung and then moved to a higher, cooler climate of Chapingo, Jalisco. The rested for an additional 11 years before being bottled in 2014. Unexpectedly pale in colour, it has a spicy nose with hints of butterscotch, oak makes itself known on the palate with vanilla notes and the vibrant agave is present with a lingering aftertaste of toasted coconut. Truly an exceptional sipping tequila!

Extraordinary Experience

Throw a Mexican Fiesta for 12 of your friends with a 4-course Mexican dinner and free flow special menu cocktails for 2 hours at Lucha Loco! With a guest bartender from The Proof Team on the beautiful festive deck and Mexican fiesta atmosphere. You will forget you aren't in Mexico! 

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Bottle: Fuenteseca 21 Year Tequila

Experience: Mexican Fiesta for 12 at Lucha Loco

Value: $2,800

Starting Bid: $2,000

T&C: Subject to availability and will be coordinated by The Ladies of EC Proof. Must be used within 1 year. Not available for Friday's. 

Price: $2,000.00
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